Every now and then I have an experience of my own, where my soul speaks to me directly. It comes through a powerful knowing and I feel it through a way where it is strong in it’s alignment with me. It can be hard to describe this feeling, this knowing………… because it just is.

Now I want to share with you in the best possible way I can, what I experienced the other day. Can’t really remember where I was, or what I was doing, but I do remember the blending of my soul. It spoke to me through thoughts and feelings. It’s funny though because the thoughts come first and then when I begin to feel, I hook right in. Usually this is how I interpret it for others. Often I interpret through the medium of feeling.

My soul had said to me-“Thankyou for everything” in words I cannot even express because it was more through the feeling that it really expressed itself. It was conveying to me every minute of every day, how it stands in absolute love and appreciation for whatever I am experiencing. Because no matter how it turns out for me, my soul benefits from it everytime. My soul becomes the best of me. I felt absolute love for myself and felt the love from my soul. 

You see there are two parts to who we are. We are our physical, emotional, mental personalities in the flesh and blood, and then there is the spiritual, soulful part of us. These two parts can never be separated and work best with one another when one can access through feelings or emotions of knowing the goodness of who they are. No matter how it seems in life, or what you may be going through, you have the love and support of your soul.