Channeling is the experience one has when they are in a zone, like a painter, sculptor, writer, athlete or anything that causes one to focus and then takes you to a place where you feel expanded and focused and lost all at the same time in a good way. It is much harder to explain the feeling into words, because it is a feeling.

There are different ways in which you can experience it. Sometimes it can be very intense, whilst at other times it can be subtle.
Sometimes in my life I have felt this through dance, painting, writing and other mediums of expression. Now I experience it more often as it is a tool I use when I work with my clients. I often channel their soul energy through feelings, words and pictures, which adds to my coaching.

How it works, is that when the client is not listening to themselves or their soul ( because there has been a lot of noise in and around them) I get very clear and can convey to them what they are missing for themselves. Sometimes the energy is so strong and because the words that are offered are never mine, I have to share this with my client regardless of the precise wording which sometimes presents a challenge for me.

I channel the messages they can’t receive for themselves. I just get very clear and allow myself to connect to that vibration. We can all do this and infact do it to a degree, it’s just that because I have been doing it for a while, it is easy for me to communicate with their soul.

The way in which one channels is by connecting to the vibration of the energy. It works by becoming a match to that which you wish to connect with. To achieve this state one can do a few of these things daily as a fun way to see how easy it is to connect.

1.Take an object like a piece of jewellery or something small and place it in your hand. It can even be a small leaf. Make sure it is freshly picked as this will make it easier to tune to.

2. Sit in a quiet space and breathe deeply for several minutes.

3. Begin to become aware of the energy in your body and the energy pulsing in your hand. You may feel it in the form of a circular pulsing.

4. Just allow and be open to receiving any thoughts, feelings or imprints of pictures to come to you.

5. It may happen straight away and it may take practice and consistency everyday. Watch for your progress so that you can continue.

6. It’s important to remember that just feeling a sensation firstly and then for the first ten days after that is enough to take you to the next level.
Have fun………..big Soul love Jennifer

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