Hello beautiful souls. Before I decided to go fully fledged into my coaching career it took me a while to align with the right person to teach me. I was grappling at becoming either a life-coach or a counsellor. I came to realise they were very different and was still not sure which one to take. Whilst one sat to my left and the other to my right, what came down the centre was the NLP Coaching course I had not expected.

I”d had a lot of fun learning about what worked in my life, from Reiki to Seichim, to Meditation and Thought field therapy(similar to EFT), but NLP really transformed for me not only what it did to my mindset and emotional shifting, but what it could do for my clients. I often don’t think of myself as a life-coach, but more of a Soul Coach. So when everything lined up and it felt right, I went straight for the jugular. Then Hypnotherapy and Master NLP followed.

The funny thing was that I knew most of it and was practising some of it. The course really set the course for me and fast-racked me into helping people in a faster and in a more sustainable way. Is it then worth hiring someone or doing a course to make the difference in your life? Absolutely. If I hadn’t done those courses I wouldn’t be where I am today. Valuing myself in what I do so I can help others was tremendous for me.

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