There is a way in which you can bring your manifestations closer to you as well as bringing them into your experience. We all have the sixth sense and sensing abilities. You may recognise them as to when you are alone and can feel the presence of another. It is the same procedure for when you are creating or wanting to manifest something.

If you begin to strengthen your muscle of intuition and sensing a little over time, you will begin to feel or know your manifestations before they manifest. You can also guage how far away it is by the way you feel it.

This is a fun and interactive way to co-create within your own experience. Begin by identifying what it is you are desiring. This can be anything. A new business, a new lover, a new job………anything. Just focus on one thing and when you have identified it, close your eyes and recognise where it is in relation to your body. Recognise how far away it is. And then the dialogue begins.

Speak to it….ask it questions, ask it to reveal itself to you. Go into it and feel it. What does it look like, feel like, smell like? Call it closer. Any sounds??????

In this way you materialise it before it materialises. Because…….it already exists in the ether’s on another level of creation before you bring it to fruition.

Today in my private Facebook group I spoke about this exact topic. If you would like to see this video here is the link.