It’s not the big thing you are waiting for, nor is it the goal. It’s not even the new car or lover. It’s not the new home, holiday or new friends you are wanting to meet. Sure all of those things are a part of the goal that draws life through you and to you. But that’s just it. The point of the manifestations is that they are the goal that draws life through you. They are life within themselves that draw life to you.

Once you arrive at the destination of the manifestation, it’s mostly done. You’re here now. You have arrived. Those are the feelings that overcome you. Sure, the manifestation will have a journey all of it’s own but the illusion is that the manifestation is the  point. It’s the point in which it creates the journey and that’s why people say it’s the journey not the manifestation or destination that counts. Of course they both count, but the journey is life in the interim and it is the combination of moments you are living that make up the journey we call life. 

What if you could feel satisfaction right now? What if you could feel fulfilment and connection right now? What if you didn’t have to wait for things to happen and you could experience those feelings more often. The illusion is that we think we will be happy when we get there and rely on things to fill that space, the problem is those things only fill that space momentarily, temporarily and at times sparingly.

 If you want fulfilment you can experience it by looking at the things in your day that touch you. If you want satisfaction, when you go to sleep at night think about at least one thing that satisfied you that day. If you want connection with yourself and your world start by looking to things that touch your heart or make you feel some sort of connection. Reach for wanting to connect. Listen to people when they talk. Engage with people, nature and animals when you are in their presence.

As you start to activate this within yourself you will begin to feel satisfaction, connection and fulfilment within yourself more and more. The way to succeed is that you must do this daily and start with the nightly routine when you go to bed to think about what was satisfying. Even if it was a meal. It can be anything. Allow yourself to think about it for at least one minute and then just ride the wave of the feeling of satisfaction.

As you do this more and more for at least 10 days you will begin to notice that you are developing a habit. At around 21 days it will become a habit and then at 30 it will be a habit. You will become in a routine and naturally will want to do this process in your day and evening. You will naturally ponder these thoughts and feelings will want to do it. Soon you will find yourself feeling more satisfied, more often, more connected and even more fulfilled.

And of course all of those things that you want will still be satisfying, but they will begin to be more satisfying even before you experience them physically and because of that they will be even more amazing when you experience them physically.

It’s like eating the meal with your eyes before you put it in your mouth.

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