All things Healing.

Ever wondered how the body heals? It’s a remarkable vehicle that we often just don’t stop to realize how does it heal? The body is an entity all on it’s own. Well, not entirely on it’s own as it has a connection to it’s own source. The Eastern wisdom has known this for centuries. The Chi, Ki, Prahna and anything else you wish to call it, is in our terms-Energy………..Life-Force Energy.

It exists in everything upon this earth. Science is slow to catch up with it, however is starting to and the Western medicine is now beginning to adopt the Eastern philosophies. Your body can heal itself and truly does in every minute. Replenishing itself with new cells whilst dead ones are being shed. When we get out of our own way, we allow our bodies to truly heal.

All disease comes from a thinking that is not in harmony with the being. Chronic Negative Emotions and long periods of sadness, hate, anger or any negative emotion is not good for us. If we hold ourselves away too long we will feel the dischord from our souls and in time disease and illness will manifest. This is stress.

Life force energy is flowing to us all of the time, it is only us who stops, cuts or gets in the way of our own flow. In order to allow your flow, one must do things that are harmonious or give us a feeling of emotional relief. This is the path to regaining our full connection to ourselves in order to live a fulfilling life.

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