The Law of Attraction, is it really working for me? If you have ever heard the expression, ‘Like attracts like ‘ or ‘ Birds of a feather flock together ‘ then you will have an understanding of the evidence of Law of Attraction. Murphy’s Law states – ‘If anything can go wrong will go wrong.” This is also true for the opposite. Anything that can go right, will go right. All it is, is just your attention and focus you place on it.

So if you are not getting what you are wanting or desiring in life, there are clues that will help you to know whether you doing it right and wrong. The clues are… do you feel about it? If you are wanting a better relationship to a partner in your life and you are not happy, do you really think you are going to create a better relationship from that space?
What if you want better health or more money?

How do you feel about those subjects in your life? They are the clues to what you are focused on. Law of Attraction is always working. You attract what you think about and your emotions or feelings are the indicator’s to letting you know if you are on the right track or wavelength of your desired outcome. If you want change outside of yourself, you have to change from within first. Your world is a reflection of your inner world.

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