On the outskirts in life, the world you see, smell, taste, touch and hear exists before you. It is a reality that cannot be denied. It is our external reality. There is also another reality that exists. It is the reality within. This inner reality creates the external reality. The reality within is where you do all of your creating whether you know it or not. You are creating with your thought’s in every moment and you bring them to you, or perhaps even go to them by the way that you feel.

Your emotions are the internal guidance of your life. If you think that life is happening to you, I can assure you it is not. Life is happening because of you, from you and for you. You are the one who is creating the wonderful,or not so wonderful in your life depending on what you focus upon.

As your focus is consistent over time, you create an energy stream or current that then in time becomes the manifestation of your desire or your disaster.

What you focus on and how you feel about it, is the key to understanding how you create. When you start to care about the way you feel and shift that from the inside out, it will change your outward reality. It is the Law of the Universe. It’s an inside job first. It is a vibrational shift.