Most people are responding to the outward manifestations in their life in order to be happy. ‘I’ll be happy when……’ syndrome. There is a solution. Heads up all you spiritual soul seeking freaks out there-just like me lol, here is some gold nugget advice that will help you understand your energy and how to go into something before it manifests.

Can you remember a time when you were dreaming about a holiday or a visit or a meal or a meeting with a friend long before it happened? Now I am not talking about dreaming as in when you are asleep, I am talking about imagining it, daydreaming. Have you ever gone to the places of what it feels like to have what you want before it manifests? If you have then you will agree with this exercise. If you haven’t then this will be fun.

All you have to do is start going into the essence of something before you experience the action or manifestation of it and you are there. If I told you to imagine holding a lemon up to your mouth and to take a nice big bite into it, chances are you will experience some salivating and a sour sense in your mouth. You literally experienced the essence of what it feels like to have it without the physical manifestation.
The trick is to know that everything has a pre-manifestation in the form of feeling before it manifests. Your feelings or emotions are powerful guidance.

Have fun and play with it-Soul Love Jennifer