You may have heard about chakras along your journey in life. For those of you who don’t know what they are, they are energy centres within the body but not only are there 7,8 or even 9, every cell in your body is an energy centre. I will explain in more detail in a moment how they are useful to me when working with clients. I used to be aware of them in a way that was helpful since I would listen to guy who had created a guided meditation about them. Visualising them, connecting to them, activating them…..other than that it seemed that’s all I knew about them and learning about their meanings.

Within the last 12 months I wanted to be able to get specific and clearer information more immediately about my clients. So I asked about the chakras within myself and asked for the Universe to show me what I needed to see about my clients. So basically I would ask to see what chakras need to be revealed to me that would help me with my clients.

When I was speaking with people who were wanting assistance I would get a feeling about them, that is usually how I interpret with my clients. I am clairaudient, clairvoyant and and claircognizant, but my main forte is clairsentient-feeling. So in order to be more effective I often use all of my senses, however there is a Synesthesia that goes on where I can feel their vibration as well as bringing up their chakras that need to give me immediate information.

Sometimes when I am helping someone the colour just pops right out. And then there is a whole wad of information that I can derive from that chakra. For example the other day I had a client where I checked her heart chakra and she was struggling with hurt. The heart chakra is green. Her heart chakra was half strong healthy green and half light. The information feedback was telling me that she is 50/50 with her healing which was an improvement on how she was feeling previously, which was 100 % hurt.

Within the main chakra system there are 7. Some people have counted more and that is fine. I’ll explain what they are.

Base Root chakra is located at the base of the spine-It supports our connection to the earth, home, money, family and passion-It is red. It is our grounding. it is also connected to these topics in our life and our lower regions of our body and our spine. If this is out of whack for a long period of time, not only will it manifest in our subjects in our life, but in our body. It is also connected to our adrenal glands.

Sacral chakra is orange and is connected to our creativity, family, womb, life, relationships and sexual energy as well as desire. It is connected to the glands of testicles for men and ovaries for women. Again, if out of balance it will show up in physical manifestation. Again it is connected to these areas and so if you are struggling with problems in that area, you may want to address what that is emotionally and help to release the block.

Solar Plexus is yellow and is of the sun. I love this chakra because it is like a big sun disc. It is your empowerment chakra where you feel into your gut, intuition and guidance. It is connected to the adrenal glands and it is where you feel empowered and clear or the lack of it. It also relates to the gut so if you are having gut problems and not being able to digest certain foods, you may want to see where you are struggling to digest certain ideas and beliefs etc. This is where you will feel if you give away your power. You feel a ‘punch’ in the guts or empty. Time to fill your cup up. Solar plexus is connected to the pancreas.

Heart Chakra is green. This is a powerful chakra. Love, compassion, forgiveness. Loving the self and others. Open or closed heart due to past events. Resentment. This is connected to the Thymus gland which sits just above the heart. The thymus is so important as it governs the immune system. When we feel resentment, pain, hurt or a lack of love and forgiveness it only comes back to ourselves and we manifest the product of that. Often women with breast cancer are suffering from some form of resentment, lack of love or compassion from their past that has not been resolves. The Thymus chakra above the heart is pink-hence love.

The Throat chakra is blue-light blue. It is communication, clairaudient, telepathy, speaking, speaking one’s own truth, speaking up, expressing the self. It is not only about speaking but listening, hearing. Again if one is out of balance it will show up. Sore throat, loss of voice, many variables around this. It is connected to the thyroid gland.

Third eye is darker blue or indigo. Sometimes I see it as a dark purple. This is the chakra that allows you to see into the future, remote viewing, psychic abilities, visions and visionary, clairvoyant-clear vision, imagery, imagination. This is what I utilize when seeing peoples chakras. When you practice you can do anything, you can see whatever you want. However consistency is the key. If you are imagining something then you are creating. That is the power of who we are. The connection is the Pineal gland some people say it’s the pituitary-I’ll leave that open for you to decided. Recently I spoke with a lady whose base root chakra was infront of her third eye. She was blocking her vision of moving forward. All she could see was her past in her future. It’s always unique and it’s always different. intuition is a part here.

The Crown chakra is purple. This is your connection to wisdom, the all that is, your soul, source, essence, higher self, universe, god-whatever you wish to call it. This is your alignment to your source. Some people say there are another 3 chakras above our heads. The crown chakra is the connection for me to our source. So higher self or soul is sometimes the higher chakras. To me it is already within the crown chakra that we are connected. This gland is connected with the pineal. It is said that is how we connect and I would agree with that to a degree, for me it is not just in your knowing it is in your heart that you connect to your source and your gut. this chakra is also about knowing. Intuition is a part here.

And so as you feel into how you are feeling anytime about something, you can understand how it relates to your chakras and your body. It’s not to get too caught up in how they are all the time, but to help you understand more clearly what you may need to let go of. Colour is vibrant in our lives and we are the rainbow of them. The connection to higher realms can also be white light then gold. These colours are pure and powerful. Sometimes people refer to them as the higher chakras-higher awareness. Again I am shown these from time to time depending on the individual.