Neuro-Linguistic Programming

                 Dr Richard Bandler

Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder created NLP by bringing about the worlds best therapists known as Gregory Bateson-Hypnotherapist, Milton. H Erickson- Psychiatrist/Psychologist specialising in medical hypnosis, Virginia Satir-The mother of Family Therapy and Fritz Perls-Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist coined the term Gestalt therapy-Utilised in Timeline Therapy.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is not as relatively new as people seem to think. Co-created in the mid 70’s by Dr. Richard Bandler ( Mathematician also Specializing in Ericksonian Hypnosis and linguistics-study of language) and John Grinder (Linguist-study of language)for creating transformation and behavioural change in personal development.

John Grinder

Neuro-meaning Brain/nervous system/mind-We interpret and translate through processes both at a conscious and unconscious level. Our ability to receive, transmit, delete, distort and generalise is incredible. The ultimate computer. Our neurology affects all the thoughts we think, our ability to reach for feelings, our behaviours, the choices we make, our physiology , our limits, our beliefs as far as down to our reality as we impose it upon ourselves as well as our unlimited thinking. It is all self-imposed.

Linguistic-Is the study of language in which the way it is utilized and applied to in our lives with ourselves, which becomes our reality. For example if you were to say “ I am sick and tired of …..such and such..” this in time becomes your reality, ‘sick and tired.’ The mind responds to two things. The thought’s we think and the pictures we make in our heads. We create our reality with our language (our thought’s) as it is an extension of our inner dialogue. I would go even further as to add, that language is also about our senses. Our five senses. What you see with your eyes, hear with your ears, smell with your nose,  taste with your tongue and feel with your touch are all interpretation mechanisms that create your internal language. They are languages in and of themselves. The sixth sense is often left out. It is the knowing or sensing with our vibe. Our gut feeling, intuition or instinct.


Programming-is the way in which one digests their world and interprets it. For example: If a client experiences an emotional event from their past when they were a child, where one parent was abusive to the other, that child may interpret to that as being ‘normal’ and accepts that love must come with abuse and so that is what love is. So this in turn this becomes their programming, their expectation. We are all so unique in that if 10 people were to be in a room and I gave them all an apple each to eat, they would have ten different experiences. Some may have some similarities, but no two people would be experiencing this in an identical way. It is the same for our programming.

Our perception is what makes us unique and the way in which we interpret our world. I say our world (each individual is creating their own reality) because there are 7.6 billion people (and counting) in the world which means there are 7.6 billion worlds to perceive from. So we perceive and internalise by our experiences. The beauty with experiences is that the thoughts and beliefs can
be changed over time, and with NLP rapid change takes place instead of years of counselling. People are waking up to the fact that the energy we live in now is more immediate and you don’t have to spend a lifetime on changing or healing your pasts or your beliefs.

 Infact, the biggest reason it happens faster is because the client is ready and aware that change can be much faster than it
has been over the previous years. Programming in NLP is designed to redirect, reframe and dramatically change one’s inner world and so in turn their outer world shifts. I have experienced this with my own past that I have healed and it is quite remarkably immediate. I now get to witness client after client achieve this.

Yes you can heal your past and make peace with it, because it is showing up in your now and all your power is in the now. It is all about you. So in short, NLP to me means Your Mind (thought’s) Language( speak) Programming (reality). Your thoughts that you think and speak, in time become your reality.

 Your feeling is how you attract which is an extension of your thoughts and words. Change your thoughts or mind and speak in a different way-then your reality from the inside begins to change, therefore altering your external reality.

The kicker is that unless it has emotion attached to it, it has no take off. Your emotions are your inner guidance to your reality. It’s where all the work is done.

Using NLP means a person can model another person to create change and behaviours by specifically observing how they do it.

For example if an athlete wants to improve their skill, they can observe how another athlete is having particular success and model that behaviour. All behaviour is created and learned.

NLP techniques are:

  • Metaphors
  • Parts Integration
  • Reframing
  • Future pacing
  • Disassociation
  • Submodalities
  • Swish Patterns
  • Physiology


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