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Channeling is not new nor is it something that you acquire, Channeling is unique to you in that you are allowing source energy to flow through you all of the time. How you feel will determine how much you will allow. An Artist, Dancer, Sculptor, Musician, Writer, Performer, Gardener, Chef, Inventor, Athlete or any line of work for pleasure or business is causing one to focus all the noise out so they can hone in on their zone and create or perform.

Having done work on myself and allow it to be there naturally, I have always found a way to connect with my soul. As well as being very connected, I am also human too and have my moments and challenges just like anyone else. The fortunate thing is that because I have practised such a close relationship with my Soul, my Inner being, I am now able to dialogue with every being’s soul.
It’s really simple once you do it for yourself.


I interpret through thought’s and emotions when I dialogue with the soul. It’s a practiced art that I have refined. A subtle interpretation of vibration which becomes very loud over the many years of fine tuning and practicing.

When I Channel my client’s Soul, I clear out all the other noise and get laser focused on receiving the information so I can hone in on the energy and interpret it. It’s very similar feeling to strong focus with very clear intention.

Sometimes I feel like a sniffer dog as to when a client says something that is in contrary to their Soul, I automatically have to share with them where this language is taking them to the very direction they don’t want to be. It is very specific to me.

When I channel my client’s soul,

I clear out all the other noise and get laser focused



When I said earlier that channeling is naturally there, I meant it. We are all born with the full support of our Soul. It is only through programming that causes us to stray by our own choice away from who we are. This is when it is harder to hear, feel, imagine or sense our Soul as the noise in between becomes thicker and thicker like a smoke screen. The good news is we can reconnect again and begin to have a wonderful close relationship with our Soul.

So as I receive information from my clients I can feel the difference in where they are when they are sitting before me and where their soul is sitting. You see, your soul never abandons you. It is you who goes away from it. Your Soul has absolute unconditional adoring love for you and when you are not happy or in love with your life and the people in it, you will experience the discord. This is what interprets to you as being a lost Soul or a disconnection to you and your Soul. Truth is you can never fully disconnect from your Soul.
It is impossible. You can just put a lot of distance between you and your Soul.

Being a channel for people’s Soul’s is such a beautiful experience, because I get to feel the best of you, that you are not allowing. Although my vibration is flying high when I work with people, it goes even higher when I connect to their Soul. The reason for this is that your Soul is the purest, best, most aligned, successfully happy, healthy and all things good part of you. It is a pure vibration and one I help you to align with, have a taste of and always want to go to it. It is the core of who you are and innately how you are meant
to feel. It is where all our wellbeing and success resides, it is our flow.

 Sometimes when I am working with people the Soul can come through in a way that is very unique to the individual’s language. There may be certain words I would not specifically use, but I cannot sensor or change the dialogue because that language is specific to that person. I feel this when there is a push to deliver from the Soul.


Being a channel for people’s soul’s, 

is such a beautiful experience.



Mostly my interpretation comes through in a feeling and then I interpret that into thought’s and words and back into a feeling. Sometimes the train of thought comes in on a thought wavelength and then I interpret it through my feeling. It just depends on the information coming for that individual.
My job is to have an understanding of that gap that my client is
experiencing through feeling and then convey that to my clients so that they can begin to become aware of the unconscious that is now becoming conscious.

 I help clients bridge that gap through my process of Soul Channeling. I also remind and teach them how to connect to their Soul, because we all have access to this. Words like ‘Empath’ or  ‘Sensitive’ are sometimes words that describe what I do, but what I do is actually quite natural to all of us, as we were all born with these abilities and knowing. I have always practiced and  continue to maintain my connection that dominates my life, but as I said being human is natural and at times I become aware when I too begin to stray and I recognise it through the internal guidance of negative emotion. 


This is the greatest inner guidance from within that will guide you through life if you will listen to it. When you are experiencing negative emotion that is temporary, it is perfectly normal. If you are experiencing it more long term, it is because you are stuck in a negative rut that will put distance between you and your Soul, and it may be coming from your past into your now that is causing the disruption.

The greatest love affair of all is the connection to your soul.
Your Soul is brilliant, loving, caring, understanding, expanding,
creative, knowing, believing in you, trusting, always present, always being and doing the best for you and holding that vibration for you. you soul is  joyful, funny, energetic, seamless, unending, adoring, in bliss and constantly calibrating where you are in relationship to it. It is the Ultimate YOU, that you have access to.

Welcome Beautiful Soul

Jennifer is just a beautiful person who has such a natural and genuine talent for what she does. Sometimes in this industry coaches can become caught up in making the service about them and their achievements.. Not Jen – she is absolutely amazing at getting to know you then helping you get to know yourself on another level. 
Thank you for being you Jen and all the insights you’ve given me so far, I look forward to working together again very soon.

Lauren Mc Carthy

After countless years of living with social anxiety, and being allergic to western medicine. I have spent 1000’s upon 1000’s of $$$ on natural methods. With very limited to no results until I met Jennifer!!! With 3 session and some homework. Within 90 days my fears were a thing of the past!!

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