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 Over the years of working with Timeline Therapy on my clients I have also had some challenges of my own. There have been clients who have helped me to evolve my own coaching unawares. Because I work from a soul space and with strong energy and love, the evolution I experience seems to continue.

So a client who saw me a year ago, would have a very different experience with me now. It’s sort of like an upgrade of energy-as this happens so does the way in which I coach. It seems the clients are making the way for change in coaching and I have to keep up with it or it simply becomes redundant.



I have created a fine-tuned session in Timeline Therapy, to reducing a majority of emotions and events to 3 significant events and those emotions attached to it. This is working on a core structure centred around the topic in an individuals life. I have also created and inner/outer child experience that takes place within the Timeline Therapy Session.

Often we think everything is about everyone else and what they are doing to us or what they did. But the truth is we are the ones who have the full control over our emotions and how we feel about our lives moving forward.


Timeline Therapy is a powerful tool in taking


‘charge’ or negative emotion off of an event,


turns it on it’s head and blow’s out the



 Timeline Therapy was developed by Dr. Tad James that has evolved from the Hypnosis and NLP from the 1980’s. What Timeline Therapy does is, it allows you to visit your past significant emotional events and lift off the negative emotion.

An event only has significance if you give it meaning. If your events are happy and joyful, that is how you remember them-that is their meaning so they keep showing up to remind you of that. If you have some events that are negative in emotion, they will keep showing up in your current life and will continue to sabotage you.

So the event has no significance anymore once the negative emotion is ‘blown’ out, as the charge is taken off of it during the process of Timeline Therapy.

Dr. Tad James


Sometimes people fear going back to their past. If you don’t have access to a terrible event now, you will not activate it and I only work with the events that are consciously in your life. Bringing up past events that are hidden is pointless and if it is hidden, it is so for a reason. The mind has blocked it out. In this way I work with what you can handle and only what you need to resolve. If it’s that unconscious then it is not big enough to be making a negative difference in your life.  

The other important factor is that Timeline Therapy is set up so that even if you re-experience some of the emotion (which is important for shifting) there is a technique to lift you off it straight away. Once it is cleared, the event changes dramatically. The limitations are lifted and the charge removed to allow for greater success moving forward. It utilises a Gestalt Therapy where a chain of emotions and events are released simultaneously rather than one at a time.

We often think it is the other person or event that did this to us, and while that may be true to a degree, Timeline Therapy gives you new wings and expansion in a way you haven’t experienced before. Because it works on creating new neural networks in the brain, it creates a new pathway for the individual to change their current thoughts and beliefs around a limiting belief. It works likes magic.

Timeline Therapy is used with more complex trauma such as PTSD, however depending on the client’s resistance and charged energy, it can take a little longer to process. Timeline Therapy is often used in conjunction with hypnosis and NLP together so that they provide a therapeutic model. They complement each other and in-conjunction are extremely powerful.


NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis work best

together to support one another for greater



I have worked with clients who experienced immediate shifts from their past that they have been carrying around for most of their life. Changing your perception, seeing from a broader perspective and being ready to let go are all a result of the success I have witnessed with clients. One client struggled with social anxiety for years after trying all kinds of other treatments. Within one session of Timeline Therapy the client shifted and was out and about by the weekend of his own accord.

NLP  helps to reframe your way of thinking and creates new neural networks. Timeline Therapy reframes, clears and releases the negative emotions tied to the events. Hypnosis supports the new inner dialogue and continues to reprogramme the Nero-network pathways within the brain as well as working on the emotional wellbeing of the client.

NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis work best together to support one another for greater success.

Welcome Beautiful Soul

Jennifer is just a beautiful person who has such a natural and genuine talent for what she does. Sometimes in this industry coaches can become caught up in making the service about them and their achievements.. Not Jen – she is absolutely amazing at getting to know you then helping you get to know yourself on another level. 
Thank you for being you Jen and all the insights you’ve given me so far, I look forward to working together again very soon.

Lauren Mc Carthy

After countless years of living with social anxiety, and being allergic to western medicine. I have spent 1000’s upon 1000’s of $$$ on natural methods. With very limited to no results until I met Jennifer!!! With 3 session and some homework. Within 90 days my fears were a thing of the past!!

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