Who do I work with?


  Over the years I have been coaching, I have worked with many different souls.  I work with men and women, but mostly I see people as soul’s or beings. 

They like you all seek similar things:

  • A stronger connection to themselves
  • A desire to re-connect to their soul
  • Are seeking more within themselves
  • Seeking results in their life
  • Clarity and insight

The people that are successful are eager to do the work, are ready for change and are open to working in a co-creative space with me. Since we are all responsible for our own creations, thought’s and feelings, real change comes from within. I help to facilitate that change and as I am very hands on, we will be co-creating this change together.


People that come to me have done some level of work on themselves or are willing to be open to change.


You are the creator of your reality.

You create through your own thought’s.


Real empowerment comes from knowing that we are all responsible for creating in our own lives and the choices we make. Although this can sound harsh, it is having the compassion for the self to know that whatever we have created in our lives, there is always a positive learning from it and a bouncing off platform that helps us to discern what we would prefer. How can you know what you want, if you haven’t experienced what you don’t want? This is the dichotomy in life, the ease comes when you have broad-view to bless the negative or contrasting experiences.



You have emotional guidance from within.

Your Soul is your guidance.


 Some people fear moving forward with a coach because they worry that they will be judged. I can assure you that doesn’t happen with me as I work from the unconditional love of your soul. 

A greater connection to the self and the soul is what people are seeking in order to have a fulfilling life of their own. Understanding who they are and how they fit in to ‘their’ world also creates a sense of worthiness, love and appreciation for the self. When you begin to find love and appreciation in yourself and your life, your life begins to change.

Welcome Beautiful Soul

Jennifer is just a beautiful person who has such a natural and genuine talent for what she does. Sometimes in this industry coaches can become caught up in making the service about them and their achievements.. Not Jen – she is absolutely amazing at getting to know you then helping you get to know yourself on another level. 
Thank you for being you Jen and all the insights you’ve given me so far, I look forward to working together again very soon.

Lauren Mc Carthy

After countless years of living with social anxiety, and being allergic to western medicine. I have spent 1000’s upon 1000’s of $$$ on natural methods. With very limited to no results until I met Jennifer!!! With 3 session and some homework. Within 90 days my fears were a thing of the past!!

Trent Archie

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